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Welcome From The Chair!

We’re back to my favourite season, autumn. When you think of autumn, you might think of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas (because who doesn’t like to put up their trees two months ahead). To me, this season also indicates motivation, creativity, and the perfect season to meet new people. The craze of ice-breakers, minglers, and first-year welcoming events have gone. Now, we’re left with even more exciting events ahead of us – Platform Registration and SMN’s LinkedIn Workshop!

Platform registration is open from now till January 23rd, 2017, BUT Early Bird tickets are only sold from now until November 30th! Compared to the majority of case competitions in Vancouver, our prices are reasonable and student friendly. For only $25, you will have access to digital marketing workshops, the main social media case competition, post-competition dinner party, and a networking opportunity with marketing professionals. Platform is more than a competition for Business students or tech savvy students, we are seeking for individuals studying in diverse programs, who are first-learners in marketing, and are currently enrolled in postsecondary institutions within Metro Vancouver. Our previous winners who competed in March 2016 is the perfect example to prove that Platform is unique and creates opportunities for people who do not have experience with marketing. We will be featuring winners of the 2016 Blenz Coffee Case Campaign starting next week. Stay tuned!

Fun fact about the Chair:

Juvina is a self-proclaimed ramen and sushi connoisseur. On a regular day, you will find her searching high and low for the best ramen/sushi in town on social media.  If you are looking for an eating buddy, ask her!  She never turns down an invite that involves food.  

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