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Our New Look!


You may have noticed something new about Platform this year. And if you thought so…you’re right! We have a brand new logo and visual identity for Platform 2017!

As part of this year’s Platform Case Competition our Creative Director, Jordan Yep, updated the visual identity of the competition. Over the past two Platform competitions, we’ve kept our old logo. But we certainly have evolved as a competition, and as we keep evolving, so does our logo! 

We decided to keep our old colours, the classic green and black. The colours are just slightly updated though! We also updated the logo with a brand new clean typeface! We brought the line element from our old logo, and decided to make it reflect a “platform” this year. Hence the name…Platform Case Competition! 


We also updated the visual identity, with more lines. Representing platforms, but unique ones! Because a social media campaign is quite unique! But the green colour of Platform and our partner club The Social Media Network is identifiable. 

Our team is very excited for the competition coming up in March, and we can’t wait for you all to see what’s in store for Platform 2017! 

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