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Platform Alumni: Shirin Escarcha

As the only social media case competition in Vancouver, Platform is a must-try for all digital creatives.

Having recently become a communication professional, I can attest to Platform’s value – the workshops leading to the pitch off included #realtalk that I still think about carefully now when considering launching the latest and greatest content channels; and at work, I analyze potential campaign hashtags in the same way my team and I did for Platform. But don’t be fooled – Platform is not just about what kind of content will go viral. It’s also about the how and the why. In this 24-hour case competition, you’re the strategist. To bring your campaign to life, you need to #breathesocial.

The beginning is always tricky, but if you clearly identify what you’re trying to solve, it will be easier to think of solutions. Don’t forget about the roadblocks. What will get in the way of your campaign’s success? Your judges will want to know and you need to address it. Now comes the most fun part: think of all the elements you can play with and narrow it down. Snapchat, Facebook, email marketing-remember, it’s about quality (and what will best help you achieve your goal), not quantity! It’s fine to alter your plan, either it be 2 hours in or 18 hours in. You’retime-bound, so be realistic about the changes you want to make. Remember: a happy team is key! Instead of replacing someone’s idea altogether, think of how it could be improved. Laugh and be disgruntled together. And don’t forget to take breaks! Finally, throughout this entire time and beyond, be proud of yourself for being an enabler.  Without a doubt, social media has proven to be a convenient and effective tool to connect with the most diverse audiences. Your campaigns have the power to make someone’s day (, stimulate the mind (hyperlink:, and remind people about what really matters (hyperlink: As a digital creative, you are an enabler for social impact.

So go on and #breathesocial!

Shirin Escarcha, Platform 2015

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